French Vegetable Recipes

The best French vegetable recipes are made using the best organic fresh ingredients. Growing your own is the ideal solution.

Visit any local market in any village in France and you can't fail to spot how important fresh vegetables are to the french.

French vegetable recipes like 'Cépes à la Sarladaise' which is ceps cooked with potatoes and garlic, and 'Tomates a la Provencale' braised tomatoes, just wouldn't taste the same if fresh ingredients were not used.

You'll notice as they buy their vegetables, how they examine their veggies, not worrying about the misshapen ones, they pick out the ripest for their flavour.

Its always a good idea to be able to grow your own vegetables. Not always possible in a small garden, I know what it's like having next to no space and wanting to eat my own produce.

But even in the smallest of places, I found room for tomatoes, grown from a grow bag and herbs, grown in pots. 'Where there's a will, there's a way'. 

Fried Potatoes with Garlic 'Potate Sarladaise' is a traditional french recipe. A very popular regional favourite from Périgord..

Fried Pumpkin Slices 'Chips de Citrouille' is a traditional french recipe. From the Périgord. region of France.

Red Cabbage 'Chou Rouge' is a recipe from the Lorraine region of France. Best Braised, serve with game or red meat.

Ceps with Potatoes and Garlic 'Cépes à la Sarladaise' is another traditional recipe from the historic region of Périgord.

Braised Tomatoes 'Tomates à la Provençale' is a traditional recipe from Provence. This popular dish is normally served with a meat dish.

Tarte au Pistou is a traditional dish from the Provence region of France. It is a perfect meal if you are a vegetarian or are cooking for one.

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