The Best French Food Recipes

The traditional french food recipes I am going to give you are specialities from all around France.
In the main they are the kind of dishes you would call the food of France and eat if you were to stay with a french family or eat out in a family run restaurant called a ferme auberge
I have to say that the food in France has reinvigorated my taste buds, having lived in the UK for most of my life, I have seen a steady decline in the quality of the food given in restaurants, and the supermarkets are stocked with shelves of jars giving quick imitations for your convenience.

With two young boys to feed, living in France and making these french food recipes have reinforced my belief in 'you are what you eat', we are able to grow our own fruits and vegetables throughout the year, so can create our french food recipes around the seasons, luckily my boys are able to see where their food comes from. The Ingredients you use to make any dish, will ultimately have an effect on the outcome of your french food recipes. My obsession for all things fresh, has made a difference to the taste of my dishes and my piece of mind. From growing your own herbs and vegetables to raising or buying Free Range

Saying this, sometimes you tell yourself you need certain luxuries in life. So why not indulge now and again.
Go on I give you permission !!

Seriously though french food is changing, many restaurants are convenience based, and cater for the tourist market, for example, our local traditional french food restaurant has reduced his turnover considerably over the last two years, just because a pizza parlour opened next door to him. He, like us cannot completely understand why people come to visit France but do not want to sample the food in France.

Anyway lets get on with the cooking!!!

French Starters
Traditional recipes from all over France. French starters are an obligatory part of eating a meal with the french. From simple to advanced, have a go you might surprise yourself!

French Soups
French soups are reknowned for using a vast array of fresh ingredients. It depends on the time of year and which area of France, as traditionally, french soups are very seasonal.

French Salads
French salads are made with the freshest of ingredients. They can be a starter/main course like 'Salade Perigourdine' or they can be used between courses to cleanse your palette.

French Vegetable Recipes
The best french vegetable recipes are made using fresh ingredients, like plump ripe tomatoes for 'Tomates a la Provencale' braised tomatoes.

French Fish Recipes
There is no shortage of french fish recipes in France. The French are not fussy when it comes to eating fresh fish and seafood, like 'cotriade' a fish stew from Brittany.

French Meat Recipes
There are plenty of traditional recipes which include meat. one example is 'Confit de Canard' a regional dish from Perigord.

French Desserts
Traditional french desserts are made using seasonal ingredients and one regional example is Nut Tart,(gateau au Noix) from Perigord, where walnuts are in abundance.

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