French Starters

French foie gras open sandwich

In traditional french food, french starters are commonplace and an obligatory part of dining. The regional recipes I have chosen exist all around france, and range from very simple to more complicated.

Please remember that when entertaining it is primarily about enjoying yourself. Therefore try to plan your meals ahead and keep it simple, anything you could prepare ahead is an asset. If you are trying something new is is always a good idea to experiment on yourself first and some of the recipes would make a substantial light meal. Anyway, have a go and you might suprise yourself!

Fresh oysters with glass of champaigne

Some of the recipes include Famous Foods that are normally associated with France. They can be expensive, but used in a starter they are used in moderation.

Therefore, when entertaining on a budget these special ingredients can add a special sense of indulgence that won't break the bank!! of France. It makes an impressive starter or main meal for a vegetarian.

Ceps with ham and vegetables 'Cepes a la savoyarde' is a traditional recipe for a starter in the french region of Savoy

Truffle Omelette 'Omelette au Truffes' is a traditional recipe from the Perigord region in France.

Foie Gras with Truffles 'Pate de Foie Gras aux Truffes' is a traditional recipe from PĂ©rigord. A famous food, exquisit, but expensive, normally.....

Black Pudding with Apples 'Boudin Noir aux Pommes' is traditional all over France, the french pride themselves on being able to make the best!!

Tarte au Pistou is made using a traditional sauce called Pistou, from the region of Provence. It definitely has a mediterranean feel...

Monkfish Mould 'Lotte a L'Imperatrice' is my favourite french fish recipe. Traditionally from the Poitou-Charentes coastal region of France. It makes an impressive starter or main meal for a vegetarian.

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