Tarte au Pistou

Tarte au Pistou is basically a quiche with the traditional 'Pistou sauce', which is garlic with basil and olive oil. It can also include grated parmesan.

Traditionally, the ingredients are pounded together in a mortar with a pestle, as the word 'pistou' means pounded in the Provençal language. This recipe is traditionally from Provence and definitely has the mediterranean feel.

More famous is the 'Soupe au Pistou', which is basically a vegetable soup with this sauce to liven it up.

This recipe was not actually known to me, I received a request from a visitor through my 'ask me a question' link. Which prompted me to ask my dear french friend, Manu. He in turn rang his mum and she gave him this recipe. Thank you, Manu.

Note You will notice the absence of olive oil, this is because it is a take on the 'pistou sauce' when making the sauce to be used in soup, olive oil is used.

Can I just add, Tarte au Pistou would be perfect if you were cooking for a vegeterian. As a light main meal, it is wonderfully flavoursome.

Serves:- 6, Preparation time:- 10 mins, Cooking time:- 45 mins


* have prepared enough short crust pastry to line a quiche dish
* 250g of tomato coulis, made fresh with herbs de Provence is better
* 3 large eggs, free range if possible
* 1 pot of crème fraiche or thick fresh cream
* 3-4 cloves of garlic
* bunch of fresh basil
* and of course salt and pepper


* line your quiche dish with the pastry

* add the tomato sauce up to around half a cm deep

* crush the garlic and finely chop the basil

* in a bowl, add the garlic, basil, eggs, cream, salt and pepper together  and beat

* pour onto the tomato sauce, (add a little parmesan if you want)

* bake in a warmed oven, 180 deg or gas 5 for about 30-40 mins

* serve hot.

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