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I'm just starting to find Link Friends. I'm looking for sites that I think are interesting, relating to my site!!

If you think your site would be suitable, and there is a place for my site on yours, please don't hesitate to contact-us is a site I found that can tell you all you need to know about 'Hunting in France' and much more...... is about, well, meat!! It is written by a wife of a butcher and gives you top tips on the best cuts of meat and much more..... Have a look at this unique site if you LOVE rhubarb and wish to experiment with lots of different recipes and even beverages. is an interesting site about the other fine wines of the world and how to prepare for a visit. Check out the 'wine personality' button on the navigation bar for a bit of fun!!

The Planets Best Cheesecake and Desserts
...Life is Short...Eat Dessert First. Over 50 types & flavors, including low carb, sugar free & New York Style Cheesecake Plus Rum Cakes, Gourmet Brownies, Free shipping included.
What can I say, mouthwatering stuff!!!! Their goal is to provide you with information on everything you need, for your fishing experience. Have a look at his 'Recipes' page, it explains how to prepare the fish you catch. is a useful site all about growing your own vegetables, plus lots of other information. Check out their page on chickens as it explains how to look after your own. is a useful site for people in a rush who have not had the time to gather specific ingredients for their meal. Tiffany says "the idea for Quick and Easy Dinner was born from my own frustration in search of dinner ideas that didn't require much planning or forethought". is an interesting site all about 'Natures Super Foods'. With super recipes and super food remedies it endorses my belief in everything fresh. When you visit The Wine Cabaret, you will begin a journey of wine appreciation. From the novice to the Sommelier, you will experience (and hopefully share your own) personal stories of wine excursions, wine recommendations, wine tours and everything in-between. If Easy Recipes using Easy Cooking Techniques is your answer to making your life less complicated in the kitchen, then take a peek at this site, really useful information for the novice to the advanced, home cooks.


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