Mussels with Roquefort Sauce
(Moules au Roquefort)

Mussels with Roquefort Sauce is a meeting between land and sea. This dish is known all over France. Soft juicy moules, roquefort cheese , fresh cream and a good mill of pepper make a wonderful union of flavours which compliment each other beautifully.

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serves:- 6, preparation time:- 10 mins,(but cleaning the moules can take a while) cooking time:- 10-15 mins


* 2kg of fresh moules
* 2 onions
* 50 cl dry white wine or cider
* 50 cl of thick cream
* a good piece of Roquefort, really depending on your taste, as roquefort is a strong flavoured blue cheese
* a good amount of black pepper


* clean and beard the moules
(wash under cold running water, scrape any barnacles or seaweed from them, rip off the beards, squeeze the mussels, if they don't open they're ok to use, DO NOT USE CRACKED OR OPEN MOULES)

* fry the onions in a large pan

* add the white wine or cider and bring to the boil

* when it is hot, lay the moules in the pan and cover

* wait until all moules are open

* remove the moules, then filter and reserve the cooking juices. (DISCARD ANY MOULES THAT HAVE NOT OPENED DURING THE COOKING PROCESS)

* Mix the cream with a piece of Roquefort (quantity to taste) until blended

* add the moules, juice and pepper

* stir over a medium heat and serve

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