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Hello and Welcome to my learning How To Speak French page.

I know what your thinking ! What does learning to speak french have to do with Traditional French Food ? Good Question !

Well, if you like cooking french food I believe this means you may be interested in France. Maybe you have visited this lovely country or would really like to one day. Maybe you live in France, you've just moved here or your thinking about making France your home.

The one disadvantage most people think about is the language.
Why can't the French speak English !!
for our convenience of course !!
Did you know:
about 40% of the English language know today, originated from France.
When we decided to move to France it was a huge decision, and one of my first thought's was
we don't know how to speak french !!

It had been years since Dale had been to France with his parents and I had never been. Yes ! there is a growing commumity of English speakers in France, but we firmly believed that if we were going to make our home in France we had to learn the language.

Another factor for coming to live in France was, looking ahead to the future for our children. We arrived when Jack was 3yrs old and Sam was 1yr old. We felt that if they both learned another language from an early age they had a head start in adult life. Now after 4 years they are well and truly bi-lingual.

I know when you go on holiday it is not as important to be able to have full blown conversations, but you can't really get a feel for France and it's people and culture if you can't speak past the basics.

There is also a great sense of achievement when you can converse with the locals on their level and you will earn respect from the French for learning their language and having a go!

I realise that not everyone can up sticks and move to another country to learn the language, but I feel that it is such an asset in todays society that wherever possible it should be considered.

As an adult of 'thirtysomething' I found starting to learn a new language quite a challange. Having said that,once you have the basics the rest follows quite easily.
If you have children and you agree learning a second language is valuable these days.
Their ability to learn a new language is staggering, as I have experienced with Jack and Sam.

I have researched different courses available. You have so much choice on how to speak french it's hard to decide where to begin. Whether you want to learn for pleasure or you need to learn for work or for a qualification. There is just the right course for you.

* Learn French online
* Learn French on Audio
* Learn French on CD
* Learn French on DVD
* Learn French Free

* Learn French in France
* Learn French for Work
* Learn French for Children

Everybody is different and that's why all these courses work.
Finding the right one for YOU is what's important

If learning becomes fun and interesting
it will work!

Do you have a question about how to speak french ? Ask Me !

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