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My Story.... 'to Freedom'

Me, Jack & Sam 2008

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Hello and welcome to my site,
Traditional French Food.com
My name is Angelina, my husband is Dale
and we have 2 boys, Jack and Sam

Three and a half years ago we grabbed an opportunity to move to the 'Dordogne' region of France.

Dale has had many holidays in France with his parents while he was growing up and always expressed an interest in living in France since we met, I on the other hand, had never been to France in my life.

When we first arrived the boys were just 1&1/2 and 3yrs old, life was full for me looking after my family, meeting new friends and learning a new language.

When they both attended school all day, my days were a little empty, I needed to find a job, but what could I do as my french was not up to gaining proper employment in France yet!

A very good french friend 'William' suggested working on the markets around the area, selling products he would supply. I was a bit apprehensive, but I jumped in with both feet and I have to say, it has been a wonderful experience. My french vocabulary has improved, I've made new friends and gained my confidence back. Being out of the workforce for the last few years had taken it's toll. The only problem is it's just for 2-3 months of the year. ie The Summer.

If you're interested to see what I sell on the markets in France just click Musical Animals They're wonderfully amusing.

I had to fill the other 9-10 months of the year, so I started searching the Internet for a way to work and earn some money online. ie. build a website
Dale stumbled across an advert on 'how to build a website' Site Build It! you can view their Quick Video Tour here, we both studied the site in full, we were a bit skeptical at first as there are many adverts online advertising how to build a website and 'make money quick and easy'.

But 'sbi was different', they explained how if you have a passion , interest or hobby your knowledge can create an 'info site' and they also explained how you don't have to sell something directly online in order to gain an income.

Well since moving to France, France and everything french including 'french food' had become a huge part of my life, I have always enjoyed cooking and as I was learning new recipes in France, I decided to give it a go!! and created 'Traditional French Food.com'

I have exactly zero experience in web design, and no idea how I was going to build a website, but I have to say the sbi way of building a site is very self explanatory, not exactly easy, but I have managed up to now and
'if I can do it, anybody can'!!

The 'best thing about it', is the fact that I can work on my site when I choose, 'I am my own boss', I can fit in an hour or maybe a whole day if I want to and this can be very self motivating. As my site progress's, my head is buzzing with 'new ideas' and I can't believe how much
'I'm learning'. And if I get stuck on something, there is a huge community of site build it member forums just waiting to help you out.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation to me,

1. you are a stay at home mum, click work at home mum
2. or you're trying to get yourself out of a 9-5 rut, and work from home
3. or you want to build something in your spare time for your future and add to your pension.

I would strongly recommend having a look at these case studies and judge the results for yourself.

You could find it could be a 'recipe for success', just as I have!!

If you have any queries about sbi, please don't hesitate to
Ask me a question about how to build a website !
and I'll do my best to help.

Yours Angelina x

Solo Build It!


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