Pistou Soup
(Soupe au Pistou)

Pistou Soup is basically a seasonal vegetable soup with 'pistou sauce'. Depending on the time of year you want to make your pistou soup depends on the vegetables you can use.

This soup originates from Provençal, using nothing but the freshest ingredients makes this soup full of nourishment, and the pistou sauce adds the extra something that sets this soup apart from the rest.

To me, this is the taste of the country. Sitting on the patio on a warm autumn afternoon, eating a hearty bowl of fresh vegetable soup with pistou, some chunky french bread and a glass of red wine.
What could be better!!

Pistou Soup (Soupe au Pistou)

Serves:- 6, Preparation time:- 15 mins, Cooking time:- 1 hour 30 mins

For the soup


* 500g of red and white haricot beans, soak overnight or use canned beans.
* 300g of haricot verts, (green beans) topped and tailed and chopped in half
* 3 mediun sized courgettes, diced
* 1 large leek, sliced
* 1 large tomato, blanched, peel, deseed then chop
* 300g of carrots, diced
* 300g of potatoes, diced
* 100g of pasta, choose your own shape
* salt and pepper

For the Pistou


* 3 cloves of garlic
* 3 tablespoons of olive oil
* large handful of basil
* a little parmesan if you like!


* bring 2 litres of salted water to the boil

* add the haricot beans, potatoes, carrots and bring back to the boil

* add the haricot verts, cougettes and leek and bring back to the boil

* add the tomato and simmer for 1 hour

For Pistou Sauce

* crush the garlic cloves and add to the oilve oil

* finely chop the basil and add to the olive oil and garlic

* when the vegetables are nearly soft add the pasta and cook till soft

* add salt and pepper to taste

* serve the soup hot with a dollop of Pistou Sauce in the middle

* a sprinkling of parmesan cheese

* a chunk of french bread

* and a glass of wine

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