Perigord Salad
(Salad Périgourdine)

Perigord Salad, (Salade Périgourdine) is a traditional french recipe from the region of Perigord, within the Department of the Dordogne in the south west of France. It is a regional favourite in this area, which is famous for it's consumption of duck. This one is my husbands favourite.

It's most special ingredient is gesier de canard, often known as 'Salad de Gesier'  using cooked, preserved duck giblets. If you have never tasted them before you are really missing something. They are tender and full of flavour. A typical example of a confit preservation. You must try the recipe and judge for yourself.

This traditional french salad can also be made with lardons & slices of smoked duck breast. We have eaten this salad may times, and it varies depending on the Chef.

serves:- 4-6, preparation time:- 10 mins, cooking time:-5 mins


* 2 crisp and crunchy lettuces
* a little walnut oil
* cooked or preserved duck giblets (gesier de canard) sliced
* 50g or 2oz of bread cut inti small cubes
* 125g or 4oz of shelled, chopped walnuts
* a little wine vinegar.


* wash and break up the lettuce, put into a salad bowl in readiness

* put some walnut oil into a frying pan and fry the giblets for 2-3 mins

* add the bread cubes and fry till crunchy and golden

* add the walnuts and turn up the heat for a few seconds

* add a splash of wine vinegar and stir the mixture together

* pour the hot mixture over the lettuce and serve

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