Lost Bread
(Pain Perdu)

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Lost Bread is a traditional recipe from the Dordogne region of France, another name is 'les daudines'
it is a sweet version of 'french toast'.

It's name speaks for itself, it uses old french bread, which would otherwise be lost, hence 'pain perdu'

The recipe was given to me during one of our many nights round the dining table with our french friends.
A tasty dessert to finish off the meal, with a fresh pot of coffee.

Pain Perdu

serves:- 4-6,preparation time:- 5 mins,
cooking time:- 10 mins,


* slices of old french bread
* half a pint of milk
* 3 eggs
* a drop of rum
* a little sugar
* a little butter for frying.


* mix all the wet ingredients together

* soak the french bread in the mixture

* melt some butter into a frying pan

* fry the soaked bread till slightly browned

* keep all fried bread in warmed ovenproof dish

* sprinkle with sugar while still warm

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