Fruit Tart
(Tarte aux Fruits)

Tarte aux Fruits is that beautiful looking fruit tart you find in bakeries all over France.

Traditional in the Region of Provence.

You can use this recipe with any kind of fruit you like or is in season. This thick cake batter is patted into a flan dish and the fruit is sliced and laid on top.

It makes the most delicious summer dessert and is a kind of cross between a cake and a pie.

Well worth making. I get top marks from my boys when I present this dessert at the end of a meal.

Fruit Tart (Tarte aux Fruits)

Serves:- 8, Preparation time:- 30 mins, Cooking time:- 50 mins


* 2 lb of mixed fruit, strawberries, peaches, pears, and kiwi's or whatever !
* 125g or 4oz of plain flour
* 125g or 4oz of unsalted butter
* 150g or 5oz of caster sugar
* 1 teaspoon of baking powder
* 2 eggs, beaten
* a pinch of salt
* the juice of half a lemon
* icing sugar for dusting at the end


* pre-heat oven to gas mark 4 or 180deg C/350deg F

* in a large bowl, cream the butter with the sugar

* add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix together thoroughly

* add the beaten eggs and mix just till the mixture is blended together

* use some butter to grease a 9-10 inch tart/flan dish

* pour in the batter

* smooth the batter down to cover the tin evenly

* slice all the fruit and lay it in circles over the batter or any pattern you like

* sprinkle the fruit with the lemon juice

* put in the pre-heated oven for about 35-45 mins

* take out of the oven, just to sprinkle some icing sugar over the top

* place back in the oven for a further 10 mins or until the batter is set and the fruit is soft

* keep an eye on it at the end, you don't want burnt fruit

* serve warm or ar room temperature

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