French Yogurt Cake

(Gateaux de Yaourt)

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The recipe for French Yogurt Cake or Gateaux de Yaourt was given to me from my friend Pam, she says 'This is a French Children's recipe really' Yasmin & Rémy are her two young children who she says, enjoy helping her make the cake too.
All measurements are from an empty yogurt pot=(YP)

French Yogurt cake (Gateaux de Yaourt)

Basic Mix Ingredients

* 1 x Pot Yogurt Plain
( Fruit Yog can be used too )
* 2 x YP Sugar
* 3 x Eggs
* 1 sachet baking powder
* 3 x YP Plain flour
* 2 thirds YP Vegetable Oil


* take a large mixing bowl and mix together all the ingredients

* pour mixture into a cake baking tin

* sprinkle a little sugar on the top

* bake in an oven at 180 c for about 30 mins


Pam also adds "I made a lemon version this week. Just add the zest of 2 lemons and juice of half a lemon to mix. Then make a lemon syrup with the rest of lemon juice, and some sugar, heat and leave to cool. Prick the cake when done and still hot and drizzle in the lemon syrup."A version of the old Lemon drizzle cake.

She say's "it went down very well indeed with the French."

She also does the same basic mix with melted chocolate, and a drained tin of pears chopped up thrown in the mix works well too, or even walnuts and dates soaked in tea for a while, chocolate melted with the zest and juice of a clementine, the Banoffee version is with a mashed ripe banana or two, half a tsp of cinnamon or mixed spice, then the lovely 'confiture de lait' spread on top when the cake is cooked and has cooled a bit.
The versions are endless........
"It always comes out really light. Must be the yogurt".

'Bon Appetite' Pam x


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