(custard batter with fruits)

Le Clafouti is a kind of custard batter, it is a mix between a pancake and custard, like a runny pancake.

Possibly the most famous traditional dessert from the South West of France. Le Clafouti is said to have originated in the Limousin, where cherries grow in abundance. Although now it is well known all over France.

It is traditionally made with wild cherries called 'les merises' but nowadays you can add any fruit you like. The fruit is baked in a sweetened batter of eggs and milk and what result depends on the ratio between eggs and flour.

Less flour results in the 'lovely runny pancake', but if you prefer it more solid you can add a little more flour and egg. This results in a more stodgy and robust.

I like the runny pancake, so the recipe that follows reflects that.

Really simple to achieve, and wonderful as a breakfast treat on a special occasion.

Le-Clafouti (custard batter with fruits)

Serves:- 4, Preparation time:- 10 mins, Cooking time:- 30-45 mins


* 350g of ripe black cherries
* 2 tablespoons of plain flour
* 2 tablespoons of sugar, vanilla sugar if possible or add a few drops of vanilla essence
* 2 eggs
* 300 ml of milk
* knob of butter
* 1 dessertspoon of 'eau-de-vie'
* a little extra sugar to sprinkle on the top


* pre heat your oven to gas mark 5 or 190 deg C

* butter a cast iron skillet or baking tray and put in oven to heat up

* prepare the cherries by pitting, de-stalking, washing and drying

* put the flour in a mixing bowl

* beat the eggs and add to the flour

* add the sugar, milk and eau-de-vie and mix well

* take you heated skillet and arrange the cherries within

* pour over the custard batter

* return to the oven and bake for 30-45 mins

* when done it is slightly risen and set in the middle

* sprinkle a little of the vanilla sugar on top

* best served lukewarm 

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