Food and Drink from Auvergne

Situated in the heart of France, the Auvergne region of France is probably best known for it's volcanoes.

Amazingly, there is a series of more than 80, dormant volcanoes, situated in the centre of Europe's largest regional nature park.
Le Parc Naturel des Volcans d’Auvergne.

This volcanic area of France is called The Chaîne des Puys and stretches out for over 30 km, through breathtaking scenery. It is a chain of round volcanoes and includes, The Plomb du Cantal volcano, which is Europe's largest volcano, with a diameter exceeding that of Mount Etna (Sicily, Italy).

The natural lakes which have formed in the craters, the small villages and winter ski resorts on the slopes of the volcanoes, make a visit to this incredible region of France, an unforgettable experience.

This region is some what of a cheese lovers paradise and produces over 1/4 of France’s total labelled cheeses. The best known of these include Cantal, Salers, Bleu d’Auvergne and Saint Nectaire. Today, they continue to be manufactured in strict observance of traditional French cheese-making techniques.

The dry mountain air is also perfect for drying hams and curing sausages. Most of the traditional regional recipes combine some sort of pork with basic ingreadients from the garden such as cabbage and potatoes. A good example is Potée Auvergnat, this dish combines simple rustic ingredients, a typical old fashioned peasant dish.

Recipes from the region

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Auvergne Pot au feu (Potée Auvergnat) - A good example of all-in-one hot pot cooking, there are variations of this recipe found in most regions of France, this one uses ham & bacon (beef in some areas).

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Restaurants in Auvergne

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Restaurant Serge Vieira

Restaurant Regis & Jacques Marcon


Les Caudalies

Maison Decoret

Francois Gagnaire Restaurant
Le Puy-en-Velay

Auberge des Orchidees

Le P'tit Roseau

La Grignote
Le Mont-Dore

L'Auberge des Montagnes

L'auberge des Ris

Gouts et Couleurs

La Bergerie de Sarpoil

Creperie chez Laurette


Auberge de la Tour

Restaurant des Cours

Auberge de la Baraque

Les Balladins

Le Haut Allier

Auberge de la Golmotte
Le Mont-Dore

Hotel des Remparts

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